Retro. Double retro. I always try to show the pictures to my subjects that I’ve taken. It took me 14 years to get back to remote San Juan Atitan in the Guatemala highlands to show this man his picture( left) that had appeared in NatGeoMagazine for a story on the Maya culture. He told me he was expecting me. He was not the slightest bit upset I was 14 yrs late! Then I made the photo on the right. NatGeo then published our second reunion . I mean what Guatamalan farmer gets his photo in NatGeo twice ! This spread is from the photo book “In Focus” featuring many NatGeo photogs. He was dressed just like this both times with zero manipulation on my part except to get him back to the same blue wall in the center of town. He is dressed as are all men in his small mountain top village. This is everyday working man’s traditional clothing. The Maya culture is among the most fascinating cultures ever with fewer concessions to modernization than any culture I’ve seen. Very strong as an indigenous culture. If you are a photographer please always send or take pictures back to those you photograph. It just works out right on every level. #maya