The Haenyeo


The Haenyeo ( sea women) of Jeju Island S Korea are the subjects of my new book commissioned by the Korean government Arts Council and an exhibition sponsored by Fuji at the LOOK3 photo fest opening June 10 at the McGuffy Art Center in Charlottesville, Va. Please come and see these 60×40 inch silver gelatin prints made by Digital Silver Imaging in Boston. This 78 yr old woman has been free diving since she was a teenager off the rocky shores of Jeju going down up to 40 feet for abalone , octopus, and various shellfish. It’s a dangerous job. Two Haenyeo died diving during my one month of shooting. These women were pure inspiration. Tightly bonded, they exuded the energy of any elite group. On land they seemed their age. Once in the cold water kicking down down in their black rubber wetsuits they appeared young girls again. Free spirits. Angels of the sea. #haenyeo #korea #fujicameras #blackandwhite

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