Some think I travel all over the world. I do. At the same time I have a whole lot of home porch time and literally go nowhere for days. A hermit. Even in New York I stay home mostly. So here I am AGAIN shooting photos of my granddaughter Lyla and my black cat Ditto alias Blackbeard. I am home and focused now on one very big thing. The imminent release of Tell It Like It Is and its subsequent big print show at LOOK3.org in June. Here on my porch test strips of the 60×40 inch silver gelatin prints I’m having made. It’s a massive undertaking and I won’t sleep again until June 15. I’m also printing in my darkroom. 8×10 fibre single grade silver prints from Tell It. To go with the 100 limited edition versions containing the print by me, a replica of the original book and 38 contact sheets and of course the new version of the book just printed in Treviso. Intended for serious collectors , museum and university collections. The new version of Tell It will of course be available as single copies as well at a modest price . I gotta cover my costs but a significant part of the profit for Tell It will go to the Liggins family who took me in almost 50 years ago and allowed me as a guest in their home. Also I will soonest be setting up a scholarship fund for young talented black photographers in the US. Book profit goes there too. Pay back pay forward. That’s my deal since forever. #tellitlikeitis #obx