Puerto Rico Workshop

The photographs you see here from Puerto Rico were shot on a ten day shoot in early December. I was continuing with work for my BeachGames book which I started in Rio, but then realized to break away from the same backdrop as my (based on a true story) book set in Rio, that I needed to expand a bit. Not the basic theme, but the location. 

What does this have to do with you?

Well I have found that if I am seriously working on a book and invite students to that location and vibe and they are shooting simultaneous on their own essays, that it just creates the most amazing teaching environment one could ask for. In Puerto Rico we will put daily pictures up on the wall shot the day before. Yours and mine. It creates an amazing buzz to work like this. Forces all of us to just kill it!!

Yes the focus is on YOUR WORK. My daily morning critiques will only be about what you are shooting. My classes are never describes as “easy”. I will push you to your limits..and hopefully beyond. While I am a dreamer and live in sort of a fantasy world (by all accounts), I am also very fortunately blessed with being a results oriented person as well. The two do not often go hand in hand. So the end result of your week of intense shooting thinking working fretting playing will be an essay. Perhaps not 100% complete, but certainly the base of a pyramid from which you can grow.

I view my personal workshops as an investment for you, not an expense. I only do these when I am in the right mood and ready to put everything I have into it. I do not teach by rote. If I am myself not producing I cannot mentor others to do so. I work just as hard to make a workshop its own art object at the end as I do for anything else I take on.

My team will produce an excellent slide show of your work shown to the creative crowd in San Juan at the end of the workshop. Yes yes a DAH style fiesta will follow!! I take my work very seriously but that does not preclude making a fiesta a work of art as well!!

We will have 12 full on students. Plus, I will also offer one full on scholarship to a worthy young Puerto Rican photographer and one work study internship to another Puerto Rican photographer. 

You must please submit a portfolio of your work. Don’t try to show me everything you have done. 15 photographs that best describe who you are is what I want to see. I do not care about “professionalism”. I care about heart and intent and of course visual acuity.

This workshop is not for everyone. It is only for those who want to find a voice and become photographic authors. My goal would be to inspire you to publish a book, have exhibits, and perhaps commissions as well.

My former students have done all that and more. Yet only you can make that happen. I just try to get you on the right lifetime road. The sweet beauty of adventure.

For sure I can smell that this Puerto Rico workshop will be one of those to remember. 


When:   March 13-19, 2016

Where:   Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

 Partecipants: 12 + 1 Intern + 1 Scholarship

Tuition: $ 3200

 ( Includes workshop and daily continental breakfast – personal travel expenses and other meals are not included.)

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