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Charer Haat has a jetty on the Bhairab river that was an important part of commerce and transport for the area. After 26th March, there was a drastic drop in the number of people traversing the waters around Charer Haat – till 8th May, when a launch carrying hundreds of passengers set off for Khulna from Narail. On board was Muslim League General Secretary Advocate Md Ayub Hossa and his family. When the launch neared the Charer Haat jetty, two gunboats took up position under Pakistani naval commander Gulzar’s command, and forced the passengers to disembark and line up. Under the pretense of checking for arms, the people on the jetty were robbed of their valuables – Ayub Hossain tried to convince the soldiers to not fire on innocent civilians, but the Pakistani soldiers shot and killed every single person. A further five launches were stopped in a similar fashion, and nearly 600 people were killed. Eyewitness Masud somehow managed to escape and inform his relative Jalal Akbar, who was in the Navy at the time – Jalal took locals and dug a mass grave for the people killed at the Charer Haat jetty. The Charer Haat story was published on The Daily Bangla on 17th February 1972.

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