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Chuknagar is located west of Dumuria upazila – adjacent to Khulna, Shatkhira and Jessore, with highways from all three regions meeting at Chuknagar. Chuknagar bazaar was a common transit point for people going to India – the adjacent Bhadra and Ghangrail rivers, now dried up, were commonly used waterways as well. Between 19th May night and 20th May morning, around a hundred thousand religious minorities gathered at Chuknagar as a result of vicious attacks by the Pakistanis on 19th May at the nearby Botiyaghata locale. On 20th May two trucks arrived down the highway from Shatkhira and the mass killings at Chuknagar started around 10-11 AM. One of the two trucks entered the village beyond the bazaar, and the first shot was fired upon farmer Chikon Morol, who was working the field. Chikon’s nephew, Md Noor Ali Morol witnessed the incident from their home adjacent to the field.

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