17 – Genocide ’71-17 – 9440afed-01a2-4ab3-b27b-af815c5db0ad

The Pakistani military turned the Crescent Jute Mills into a killing field like they did with other factories in Khulna. People brought in trucks to the jute storage facility in trucks were led, blindfolded and hands tied, to the jute cutting machines inside. They were beheaded at these machines, some impaled on spikes used to tear jute apart. The body of the Central Excise Inspector was cut into pieces and hung visibly. The Customs Officers Quarters were turned into torture cells, the drains beside the building used to take the blood away to the Bhairab river, in which most of the bodies were dumped. Later on, after the war, skeletons were discovered in the mill area. Ferdousi Priyobashini witnessed the massacre of Bengalis at the hands of the Pakistanis and their collaborators, and compared the beheading of workers with the jute cutting machines to death by guillotine.

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