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Established on 55 acres of land in Khalishpur, Khulna, in 1954, the Platinum Jubilee Jute Mill was the scene of a horrific ritual perpetrated by the Pakistani military and their local collaborators in 1971. Similar to the trap set by the Pakistanis at Khulna Newsprint Mill, workers were lured back to the area by radio broadcasts asking people to return to their posts – once caught, the Bengali workers were forced to sit in front of the boiler as they were tied and bagged by their captors. With the fire of the boiler burning in front of their eyes their last sight, the workers were shoved into the same pit they themselves had once fed with coal – feet first, with the rest of their bodies following suit. The Pakistani soldiers made sure the deaths of those 56 workers, some named Harun, Hemayet and Aziz among others, were slow and painful – their screams reverberating around the factory. The gruesome story of what happened at the Platinum Jubilee mill was published in The Daily Bangla newspaper on 17th February, 1972.

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