Marius Ionut Scarlat

From East to West


Romania generates the greatest migratory flow of the European Union. After the revolution of ’89 and the death of Ceausescu, the Romanians were anxious for an immediate improvement. However this improvement did not happen and everything was even worse. The opening of the Schengen area and the entry of the country into the European Union, there has been a process of depopulation with serious consequences for the country. Romania has around 20, 000,000 million inhabitants and almost 4 live abroad.



This is a documentary project that talks about the emigration of my parents from Romania to Spain. This project talks about the experience or the new meaning that acquires everything that has been left behind. For me, this series of images means to get closer to that past. And also means to rediscover latent past which is still present in my house, in my family, in the landscape, in those objects that still decorate what it was my home and rediscover, through the camera, all the emotions and memories that, apparently, no longer existed. What was my childhood place, my home, my family… that comfortable and happy place had suddenly become a much more raw reality.



Short Bio

Marius I. Scarlat is a photographer who was born in 1993 in a village in Romania, where he spent his childhood. At the age of 11 he moved to Spain with his family. He studied a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Alcal? and a master’s degree in Art Photography and Narrative Documentaries at the TAI School. His work seeks to reflect on concepts such as the passage of time, the trace and memory.

During this last year he has received several awards: La maquina grant 2018, 1st prize; selected to participate in the Students Canon 2018 program at Visa pour l’image; selected in the open call of exhibition proposals HACER organized by the Community of Madrid to produce and exhibit his project From East to West during the festival PHotoEspa?a; Roberto Villagraz grant 2018, finalist; talent scholarship from the TAI School (2018).


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