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Felipe Romero Beltrán



In the 1960s, an armed-conflict began in Colombia between mafias, paramilitary groups and armed guerrillas such as the FARC movement, who were all fighting to influence the decisions made by the government. The war ended in 2016, when the government and the FARC signed an historical peace deal. The bodies of many of the victims killed during the years of war were often mutilated and then thrown in the Magdalena River: a river that has been fundamental for the nation, it is a vital water source and has been established as the heart of the entire area. In the middle of the river, the zone called <<Magdalena medio>> fishermen have taken advantage of its abundance to feed entire villages. For years, the fishermen fishing in the river have found body parts in their nets and brought them out of the water. During years, the local populations have practiced relogious rituals to gain the favors of the dead.



Magdalena is a project that explores the processes of reconciliation in the post-conflict era in Colombia. The story is located in an area full of magic and at the same time a palpable desire for reconciliation and memory with the past.



Short Bio

Felipe Romero (25 years old) is a documentary photographer and artist born in Bogota, Colombia. After spending his childhood in his city, he earned a scholarship in Argentina and moved to Buenos Aires. By that time, he had developed an interest in photojournalism and traveled many times abroad for his projects. In 2014, he earned a scholarship in Jerusalem, at the Academy of Arts Bezalel and moved to Israel. Felipe developed projects in Palestine, Egypt and Israel, focusing on social issues. Years later, He got a MFA degree in photography (King Juan Carlos University) in Madrid, Spain. Felipe is currently working on issues related to post-conflict processes in Latin America and at the same time he is developing a Phd program in Fine Arts.


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