Lukas Vasilikos


In the beginning there is emptiness and darkness. The light seems to be hovering over the the surface of this formless void. Light is ordered to descend, for light is said to be good. It is a blow which separates the light from the darkness and, thus, the first day is born.



The first day carries bleak landscapes – interchanging, rhythmically throbbing, composing a wistful symphony to then orchestrate a cacophonous pandemonium of disconnected sounds: the roaring waves crashing against the shore, openly flaunting their white crests
the deep-rooted tree stands still
branches are winging their way upwards, perchance that they might gently be touched by the light



The 2nd day unveils those dark, yet familiar figures, who give the impression of being suspended in thin air. They are not smiling nor are they raising one corner. They are merely staring at something which is there – however not visible to the naked eye. They are unaware of the very next moment they are being consumed by. Some figures are ghostly, disintegrating with the passing of ruthless time, while others are breaking up. A couple of them are falling into an endless embrace. Some of them strive to remember, whereas others strive to forget. There are some who have not arrived yet; and there are those who have secretly vowed to return.



Light and shadow are being resigned to a seemingly dreadful fate; through their tender play they blend, carried away by the whispering wind.

The figures still remain oblivious to what is occuring.
The 3rd day gives way to the music; it rises in a whirling crescendo, hungrily seeking its way through the leaves. Landscapes still interchange, yet it is of little importance now.

The family tree is being uprooted so as to be regrown into a tree of life; the roots now deeper, the branches ramifying into eternal life anew. Fear is a robust mother who longs to climb up that very tree and find the most mysterious paths to transcendence within this mortal world.

Short Bio

Lukas Vasilikos was born in 1975 and raised in Crete, Greece. In 1996 he moved to Athens, where he has lived and worked since. He embarked on photography in 2006. His photographs have been published in both Greek and foreign magazines and included in a number of publications. Among his artistic endeavors, Lukas has participated in ?Depression Era?, a collective storytelling experiment, documenting untold stories in a mosaic of images and texts. In March 2014, the exhibition was displayed at Palais de Beax Arts (Bozar), Belgium, following a second display in DUPON gallery, Paris, in November 2014. Lukas is a member of the Burn My Eye Collective and the ?Photography Circle?, a Greek non-profit cultural society.


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