Sabrina Caramanico


[ EPF 2017 – SHORT LIST ]

This journey starts in the past when, as a child, I was fascinated to see the “great creature” come to life and where strange and controversial things happen inside. The Circus is a magical, mysterious and strange world where light and darkness alternate to give life to the great show. A microcosm where elusive and disturbing figures move frantically in the shade of the tent as in a daydream.



I’ve always been attracted by people living in the circus, mysterious and fascinating people, always on the road. I followed some circuses in Italy over the last year, I lived with them and together with them I saw with my eyes the great work and sacrifice behind the big curtain. “Circus” is a project in progress. I’m still looking for new artists and new stories to tell.



Short Bio

Sabrina Caramanico is an Italian photographer. She was born in 1985 in a town nestled in the mountains of Abruzzo. At the age of 22, she decided to dedicate herself to photography as self-taught.


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