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Day 5 – visual diary by Theo Stanley / nyc @theo_stanley Morning light and subtle color describe the gentle beauty of New York state’s Catskills park. I grew up in the high elevation arid mountains of the state of Montana, which has dramatic scale, and is severe and temperamental, so this softness and intimacy of the Catskill watershed region was a new experience to me in moving to New York State. The moistness creates beautiful fog and atmospheric effects for light, and I will get up early to motorcycle through new routes as way to continue exploring the area. It is important for me raising 4 young ladies that they know how to have one foot in the natural world, to help balance their nyc reality, and in this way this region serves as medicine for our family keeping ourselves centered and in the right spirit as we careen through nyc’s dynamic complexity. This area is just two hours north of the city, and is the delivery source for nyc’s drinking water. I have created a hashtag for Catskills moments as I continue to explore this area, #catskillsnarrative Hope you enjoy and find an ounce of tranquility this weekend morn.

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