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Hello everyone! This is @zoralnaik from Karachi, Pakistan. Really excited about @burndiary giving me an opportunity to share my city with you guys. Known as the city of lights, Karachi is the economic hub and the main seaport of Pakistan, and is also the most cosmopolitan city in the country. During this week I plan to take you to the places I visit most frequently, hoping you can accompany me in my daily life and experience bits and pieces of Karachi through my eyes.This one is from ‘Sea view’ beach , having the privilege of living close to the coast I was always find my self here when I need to wear a thinking hat. We might not have the clearest of waters but still pretty proud of it!#karachi#seaview#coast#beach #seascape#abandonedboats#pakistanflag#kids#sightseeing#zoralnaik#burnmagazine#dawndotcom#panospictures#gettyimages

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