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Howdy Folks, this is @zambereileen saying “Good Morning!” from the mountains of southern Oregon. This morning I bring you a glimpse of the sunrise over Howard Prairie Lake. This lake is just a few miles further up the mountain from my home and a common destination for me and my family.We have wandered it’s shores through every season, in deep snow and in drought. During the wet spring season we hunt the nearby woods looking for morel mushrooms to gather and feast upon. The receding waters and broad shoreline of summer let us explore the earth once hidden, and seek out unearthed arrowheads and lithic artifacts from people who long ago vanished from these hills. During the winter months we don heavy boots, gloves and hats before easing our 4wheel drive truck down the steep, deeply rutted and snowy road to the shoreline. We build bonfires, throw sticks for our dog and listen to the hawks and eagles scream while sipping coffee and hot chocolate. And now it is autumn, my favorite season at the lake. This is the time I walk alone upon it’s shores, to watch the migrating birds flush from nearby grasses and manzanita bushes, glide through the air above and gently set sail upon still waters. The air is raucous with the cries of a multitude of birds who stop over for a day, or two, before flying onwards to the southern destinations they seek, far flung and wide.