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Hi everyone, my name is Tamara Dean @tamaradean, I’m an Australian artist and am really looking forward to sharing my work with you this week while I take over the @burndiary instagram account. My art practice extends across photography, installation and participatory works exploring the relationship between humans and the natural world and the role ritual plays in our lives. Natural cycles within time and space, life and death, nature and spirituality contribute to my way of investigating and engaging with the world.This week I will be posting daily photographs from a road trip across two Australian states as I jump in the car with my husband and drive south.Huge thanks to @diegorlando and @davidalanharvey for this opportunity to introduce you to my work and my world.Please feel welcome to join my feed if you would like to see further works @tamaradean #olsenirwingallery #art #australia #agencevu #tamaradean @burndiary @burnmagazinewww.tamaradean.com.au