Laura, Bianca and Madalina

The view from my belly button #15Laura, a Roma mother who is pregnant with her 9th child, outside her home in Crucea village, Lungani municipality, NE Romania. Laura is pictured with 2 daughters, Bianca (in her arms) and Madalina. While Romania has a declining population and has recorded more deaths than birth per year since the fall of Communism, the Roma community is the only growing population in the country. It is estimated that Roma women have an average of 3 children per woman, well above the replacement level of 2.1 per woman.Image by Anastasia Taylor-Lind @anastasiatl @viiphoto#negativezero is a photographic project by Anastasia Taylor-Lind about Europe’s declining populations. To join her on her roadtrip and find out more about the project please follow her on facebook @burndiary

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