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Little bro is not feeling well today, all day long taking a bed rest while watching his favourite cartoon. Solo, Indonesia, 2017. ( @ajimonji )

Little spark

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Little spark in the morning. Solo, Indonesia, 2017. ( @ajimonji )


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On my way home, meet up with small rhymes behind a bus. Solo, Indonesia, 2017. ( @ajimonji )


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From this morning, After Eid Mubarak prayer, my mom, me and my little brother went to visit my late father grave, it is part of the culture in Java.Solo, Indonesia, 2017. ( @ajimonji )

Eid Mubarak Prayer

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From this morning, Eid Mubarak Prayer in my neighborhood. Happy Eid Mubarak 1438H to all who celebrate it.Solo, Indonesia, 2017. ( @ajimonji )

Prayer prep

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From this morning, my little brother prepare for Eid Mubarak Prayer. Solo, Indonesia, 2017. ( @ajimonji )


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Good morning, I am Aji Susanto Anom ( @ajimonji ), photographer from Indonesia. From today, I will share my snap arround my holiday time in my hometown Solo. This is me and my skull ring called “Matthew” say hello to all of you, this ring is special to me as given by one of my student.Thank you Diego @diegorlando and Burn Diary/Magazine team for this opportunity, have a nice weekend!



475 Kent Ave. The Kibbutz


Brooklyn. 6-20-17

Special day

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I say goodbye with this photo. Today is also a special day for Rodrigo, he was accepted in a masters degree, we end up celebrating taking photos on his rooftop, the sky was amazing today and then we went to the cinema.@rhacastaneyra Many congratulations for all the effort and dedication you put into everything!Everything has its reward.Thanks to @diegorlando for allowing me to share in this space my diary during this week, which motivated me a lot, also to @davidalanharvey For teaching me and encouraging me so much.iPhone shootDay 7 Photo 320.06.2017I am @oliweirdtwist