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I’ve literally arrived, in the last 24 hours, in a small town in Northern California..having been 27 years an Angelino..and been invited (today!) to do a burndiary. Pretty much everything is unknown to me. Here I am at the pier. This is Day 1 in more ways than one, and I am @swirlbook.


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I’ve literally arrived, in the last 24 hours, in a small town in Northern California..after 27 years an Angelino. Pretty much everything is unknown to me. This is Day more ways than one! I am @swirlbook.

North Cal day 1

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Greetings! I’ve literally arrived, in the last 24 hours, in a small town in Northern California..having been 27 years an Angelino. Pretty much everything is unknown to me. This is Day more ways than one! I am @swirlbook (and thank you @diegorlando!)

Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi – Pride Uganda

Jackson Mukasa rests his head on the lap of his friend, Kim Mukisa, who has dropped by for a visit to Mukasa’s home in Kampala, Uganda. In January 2014, the two were beaten and arrested, accused of homosexuality. After 5 months in jail, their case was dismissed for lack of prosecution. After their release, they began life anew, having been robbed of their possessions. Mukisa, a clothing designer, also lost his atelier and shop in downtown Kampala. Uganda is known to be one of the worst countries in the world for LGBT human rights. Kampala, Uganda. August 14, 2015. © Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi 

Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi

Pride Uganda

Between August 5th and 9th, 2015, the LGBT community in Uganda held their fourth Pride celebration despite the country being one of the worst in the world for LGBT rights. Moreover, the turnout was larger than ever before. As with previous Pride celebrations, the events were held in “secret”: they were not advertised to the public, and took place in private locations disclosed to members of the LGBT community and their supporters only a few days before an event. The program included presentations on issues of concern to LGBTs, a Mister and Miss Pride competition, a Pride march, and various other performances and festivities.




Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi uses photography to explore the human condition across a variety of political and cultural contexts. She is based in Brooklyn, USA, but usually works in areas experiencing social unrest or humanitarian emergencies. Her photography has been published and showcased by various media outlets, including the New York Times, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde and Vice Magazine, and by international NGOs like Doctors without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières, Human Rights Watch and International Committee of the Red Cross. In 2014, she was named one of Lens Culture’s Top 50 Emerging Talents for 2014. In 2015, she received the ICRC Humanitarian Visa d’Or Award for her coverage of the Minova Rape Trial, eastern Congo’s most significant mass rape trial to date.

Diana’s interests reflect her multicultural background and upbringing: born in rural Romania to a Romanian mother and Iraqi father, Diana witnessed her family experience political circumstances that landed them as refugees in the former Yugoslavia, after which they were resettled to Canada. These early experiences led her to pursue careers in humanitarian aid and in human rights. For several years, she managed programs for the United Nations, and international nonprofits like Save the Children USA and Oxfam Great Britain, working on the ground in areas affected by conflict or natural disasters. In mid-2013, she decided to focus her professional efforts entirely on photography.


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Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi



Sebastião Salgado, Frans Lanting, and I all ended up last night in Birmingham UK. It was a cold and rainy night so we elected to have dinner together in our hotel restaurant with no other customers. Empty. Not the place to be. Perfect! The food wasn’t so bad and we all had a chance to catch up without interference. We’ve all been friends since we started in this crazy biz with big dreams, yet we rarely have a chance to meet. The big warm. We are all presenters at The Photography Show here in Birmingham. Cheers to my dear friends🎈



“She’s making movies on location. She don’t know what it means. But the music makes her want to be the story. And the story was whatever was the song”… Mark Knophler


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From the essay “Tufo”.It was a great pleasure to share my work with you. Thanks a lot for this experience :) Thanks @diegorlando and @burnmagazine for an invitation!Kisses,@aleksandranowysz#matera #sassi #quarry #landscape #wall


McCartney sings via jukebox light “Love Me Do” as Olivia feels it. El Batey bar in Old San Juan is a dream bar for photographers day or night. The jukebox, the light, the whole laid back scene a favorite of mine. I always love shooting OSJ yet on Sunday I flip culturally. Off to the U.K. I go. First to Birmingham and The Photography Show where I present on March 21. Better check their website . Then I am in London at the Barbican March 24. Last, yet most important, is my 3 day Magnum @magnumphotos workshop March 22-24 in London. See Magnum website for more info. In my head McCartney sings “Band on the Run”.


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From essay “Tufo”. About inhabited landscape.@aleksandranowysz#architecture #cave #vernacular #interior #matera #sassi #stone #italy #landscape


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In last posts I want to share with you samples from essay “Tufo”. It’s about inhabitated landscape in the south of Italy.@aleksandranowysz#matera #landscape #architecture #vernacular #stone #sassi #italy #cave