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Dead snake

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Afternoon walk, dead snake outside my driveway. We called him a yellow belly black snake despite the fact that there is no snake officially known as that. But he did have a yellow belly / photo: @mishkusk #wildlife #australia




Sometimes I just take pictures from wherever I am sitting having a coffee. I shoot everyday my home environment. After weeks of run and gun I’m not moving.

Pushing thru

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Pushing through / morning light explorations no.2 / photo: @mishkusk #home #australia

Morning light

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Morning light / photo: @mishkusk #australia #home


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Today’s shadows / photo: @mishkusk #home #australia

Afternoon walk

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Afternoon walk, a Dead Gallah / photo: @mishkusk . It is strange to be surrounded by so much life in the underwater world just hours before and yet within moments of stepping outside my home be confronted by death. These birds are so vibrant and beautiful when try are alive #wildlife #australia

Leopard sharks

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Visiting local summer residents / photo: @mishkusk Leopard sharks visit the warm waters off Julian Rocks, Byron Bay. They share this site with about 1000 marine species (and an occasional human :)) #underwater #wildlife #australia #julianrocks #leopardshark #byronbay


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Evening walks through a spiders universe / photo: @mishkusk #wildlife #australia


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An evening walk / photo: @mishkusk A few magical moments between sunset and the night where these wonderful creatures fly out to feed on pollen, fruit and nectar for the night. #wildlife #flyingfoxes #australia

Byron Bay

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Hello from Byron Bay Australia My name is Michaela Skovranova and I am a Slovakian born Australian based artist. I can’t wait to share my world with you for the next few days. I hope to share my everyday, the light, ocean and explorations of a place I now get to call home @mishkusk