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Last cigarette in Europe

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Hello! I’m Ilaria D’Atri @leslis I’m taking over the @burndiary Instagram Feed… I’ll bring you to Cuba for the next 7days! This is our last cigarette in Europe… Hasta Luego! 🇵🇷

Divided Soul small print sale

Divided Soul – Small Print Sale!

One of my photo books nearest and dearest to my heart is DIVIDED SOUL. When it was published in 2004 by Phaidon, one of the best art book publishers, I felt I had finally done a book (even though many had come before it).

It took me a long time, as about 20 years worth of my work went into this book. It’s a monograph of my continuous immersion into the diaspora of Iberia into the Americas and involves four very different yet assimilated cultures: Spanish, Portuguese, the indigenous of the Americas and Africans who were brought to the Americas.

We are having a print sale this week (ends Friday, details below) that includes:
– a selection of 12 images from this collection of work.
– the collectors edition boxed set of all 12 images.
– We will also release just 10 of my signed copies of DIVIDED SOUL with a FREE print of your choice from the collection. There aren’t any many more of these books left, except in my attic.

Details: Our sale will run until midnight PST December 2. Deadline is final to ensure authentic timeline limitation. No exceptions (even for my closest friends!). These are SIGNED archival quality prints, each is 6×9″ on 8.5×11″ paper and printed by my exhibition and collector print maker, Michael Courvoisier. These small collector prints are available for $125 each. To receive FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING, please use code FREESHIPDS16. We also offer $15 Flat Rate International. We plan to ship on or before December 20.

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I woke up this morning to hear Fidel Castro is gone. I only photographed him twice during my time in Cuba in the late 90’s , here donning an uncharacteristic suit and tie as he honored a visit by Pope John Paul. Fidel was mostly hated in Miami by Cuban exiles and mostly loved in Cuba. For sure a controversial world leader who successfully defied the U.S. during his entire regime. He never gave up on his socialist ideals. I will return to Cuba in February to get a feel for Cuba now. I haven’t been on the island for 10 years. When people ask me to choose where I love photographing the most, for sure Cuba rises to the top of the list. While Fidel for sure always kept his anti US rhetoric on the front burner, at the very same time was wide open to international foreign visitors including Americans. Like many Cubans Fidel loved Americans albeit not the government after a time . After all it was the US who helped him crank up his revolution in the first place, later turning on him when he nationalized banks and businesses and forced many Cubans to Miami. It’s complicated to say the least. In any case Fidel never backed down and was never was overthrown. A hero in most of Latin America and yet his death is celebrated in Miami by those who were forced off the island during his revolution. All I know is that I’ve never met anyone who didn’t cherish their visit to Cuba.

Last post

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Photo by @jonwsantiago My final post for Burn Diary. Thank you all for following this week. A special thanks to @diegorlando, @fran.gennari and @davidalanharvey for the opportunity.I thought I’d share an image from a story I’m working on here in Dhaka. Stay tuned for more! Cheers!#bangladesh #diary #asia

Last from Bangladesh

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This is my last day posting for Burn Diary. Thank you everyone for following along.Last night at the anniversary celebration for Counter Foto I had the honor of listening to this beautiful Bengali classical music.@jonwsantiago #bangladesh #diary #asia


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Photo by @jonwsantiago Mirpur, Dhaka#bangladesh #diary #asia

Friday prayer

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Photo by @jonwsantiago On Fridays, thousands of Muslims pray in the streets of Mirpur.#bangladesh #diary #asia


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Photo by @jonwsantiago Mirpur, Dhaka#bangladesh #diary #asia

Lyla in the dunes


Lyla in the dunes. A very big part of our Thanksgiving. Wishing everyone peace and peace of mind.


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Photo by @jonwsantiago Stopped in this cafe for a quick tea while walking around Mirpur. Although I have plenty here to keep me distracted I’m often thinking of the situation back home in America. The anger and uncertainty is felt even over here. Like many of us, I’ll have a new story to tell once I come home.#bangladesh #diary #asia