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Photo by Frank Brown @obxhomepage , My first few years here on the Outer Banks I learned the art of weaving hammocks. What I learned was hammocks rarely get used but they just look relaxing in the landscape. Somehow we can see ourselves swinging back and forth in a hammock. #relax , #nagshead, #hammocks , #sunrisewithfrank




Potato Chip #2. End of February and at my apt right now it it’s hot and sunny like Rio. Cold beer good friends and shooting pictures always. It’s Saturday afternoon sunset watch here. Sometimes that turns into a small fiesta. #fujixpro2




I’ve just been hanging out at my apt in New York with a steady stream of guests coming and going. Making appointments is useless so I just bring em all together. The mix works. It’s all mostly photo oriented folks many with interesting work to show. This afternoon with a 7 hr layover at JFK, in walks Dan Immel my good friend and producer in Rio and more importantly the boyfriend of my number one in Rio, Roberta Tavares. I shoot a lot of pictures at sunset in my apt and hallways. Always magic. More to come


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Photo by Frank Brown @obxhomepage , Matthew David is a great story teller. #nagshead , #darecounty , #storyteller


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Photo by Frank Brown @obxhomepage , Outer Banks of North Carina, #nagshead , #sunsetobx ,#soundsideroad


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Photo by Frank Brown, @obxhomepage . Remembering and Loving keeps them alive. #remembering, #loving , #living , #outerbanks , #nagshead


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Photo by Frank Brown, @obxhomepage. Morning has broken on Hatteras Island. #sunrisewithfrank, #obx , #outerbanks

Nags Head Woods

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Photo by Frank Brown , @obxhomepage , Nags Head Woods is a maritime forest located in Nags Head, North Carolina and borders the Roanoke Sound to the west which makes for spectacular sunset shots. #nagsheadwoods , #nagshead , #sunsetobx


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Photo by Frank Brown , @obxhomepage , #nagsheadwoods , #outerbanks , #sunsetinthewoods


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Photo by Frank Brown , @obxhomepage ,The lighthouse has always been an eternal symbol of safety amongst those who know the coast! Lighthouses mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals and reefs, and to mark safe entries into harbors especially in fog and storms at night. Bodie Island Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras National Seashore. #lighthouses, #outerbanks, #obx , #bodieislandlighthouse