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TKO. I’ve been in Tokyo for over two weeks and somehow with not a single day of just shooting. This is my last day. Heading home tomorrow. So I’ll probably just wander a bit. I’m in a area of used book shops, so it’s hard not to just want to fill up a suitcase with books. It’s also so easy to see why Moriyama is Moriyama. Place and culture totally determine at least an element of style. Japan is the opposite vibe of where I normally work. No eye contact no hello to somebody you haven’t officially met. Gaijins will always be gaijins. I probably break every cultural rule every day. Not on purpose of course. At the same time IF you get “inside” there is a very special warmth. Strip away cultural mores and religion and humanity is humanity. There is nothing better than learning. Nothing better than accepting. Nothing better than a haiku to sum it all up.


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This is last post from @awawaken . Thank you everyone for 10 days. I really enjoyed. The light made by reflection of circle shaped mirror. #japan #tokyo #bw




Dan’s Hair. I’ve been mentoring 13 students for the last week in Tokyo, so I’ve been focused on 110% on their work. No time to shoot myself. The only thing I’ve published here on IG are a few pictures from 10 feet in front of my hotel or from the @magnumphotos office. Dan is Editorial Manager at Magnum. That’s ok I always like to shoot whatever is right around me anyway. Practice, exercise, play.Yet I’ve a couple of free days now before I head home, so maybe I’ll take some time to go beyond random diary pictures. On the other hand maybe not. I have no photo project going here. I tend to prefer having a handle. Still I tend to shoot everyday no matter. So we will see. I’ve been on the move since mid October, or actually since June 1967, so I’m looking forward to taking February “off” before rolling back to Puerto Rico for the whole month of March and Beach Games book project shooting and a workshop as well. Nice hair Dan.#tokyo#dahworkshop #magnumtokyoworkshop

Workshop class


A portrait of my photo workshop class in Tokyo on the balcony of @magnumphotos. We worked hard all week, partied hard last night, and will show our collaborative efforts tomorrow night to an assembly of the Tokyo photo community. There’s nothing quite like the bonding experience of a workshop. The intensity of the effort makes it so. If you are in Tokyo on Sunday , please come to see our show at the gallery Reminder Photography Stronghold. #tokyo#magnumtokyoworkshop #dahworkshop


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My mother with my grandmother’s photo at a cemetery, Gunma prefecture, #japan . This is @awawaken posting on @burndiary .


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A monk praying for the anniversary of my grandmother’s death at Gunma, #japan . This is @awawaken posting on @burndiary .


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With my brother I’m going to the first anniversary of my grandmother’s death. This is @awawaken posting on @burndiary . #japan


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Favorite time in front of my company at #tokyo , #japan . This is @awawaken posting on @burndiary .

Karaoke bar



TKO. Students work late into the night. Don’t worry. We are just chilling karaoke bar after working all day. I’m a results mentor. Killer student slide show Sunday night at Reminders Project Stronghold in Tokyo. If you are in town please stop by.#magnumtokyoworkshop #dahworkshop