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| Nicolas Enriquez @nicoenri12 for @burndiary || Machin and one of his neighbors pack marijuana after it’s been dried and cut while his son Marlon walks by.Machin places different pictures or designs on each package depending on who is buying and getting delivered to, in this case this marijuana will go to Trinidad and Tobago.Machin supports his family and neighbors with his marijuana fields, employs more than 10 people every month to take care of different parts of the process of cultivating marijuana and keeps a big part of the community busy.Machin has tried cultivating corn, coffee, and tomatoes but they don’t give much money and he will have to still pay the same amount for transportation from Toribio to a bigger city to be able to sell it since the Colombian Government has not helped the farmers by giving them the chance of having a selling point for crops inside Toribio.This and several other reasons push or attract people from the community to grow marijuana or coca trees. #NicolasEnriquez #documentaryphotography #burndiary #Colombia #Colombia

Victor Cobo – Remember When You Loved Me


Archival Chromogenic Print 30 x 40 inches (Edition of 5)

Victor Cobo

Remember When You Loved Me

When I was four years old my parents went through a torturous divorce. My father had been using all manner of drugs and was an acute alcoholic. The relationship had been abusive, often to the point of serious violence, and finally my mother had no choice but to flee with me. Eventually my father sobered up and retreated back home to a remote area of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky. Sadly, he is now so sick and delusional that he thinks nothing is wrong with him, that all the world’s evil and malice lie outside of him. He is a bitter and eccentric recluse.



As a child I was sent to visit him during summer breaks from school. Each day he would insist that we go out so he could take photographs of me. Years later I realized that the pictures he was making were illustrations of an imaginary relationship. One that he had created in his mind. The last time I saw him was twenty years ago. His mother had passed away and I had gone to her funeral where he lives in Manchester, Kentucky. To my surprise I discovered that he was still obsessed with our “imaginary” relationship. This delusion had become his secret universe, hidden away from the rest of the world. In most of the pictures of us he had scattered around his house, I was not smiling: proof that even at an early age I did not trust that this ‘relationship’ he as attempting to depict was in any way real. The pictures were fiction.

Much of my photography stems from these strained, unnatural years. In many ways the private universe that reveals itself in my work is my own mechanism of escape. As much as it is difficult to admit to myself, I know that I am like my father. There is a sense of ever growing isolation, thus photography has become my therapy. I am intrigued by life’s dark curiosities. Transfixed, my father’s gifts are an ambiguous burden of vast weight. They are what I have; what has me.




Victor Cobo was born in 1971 to a Spanish mother and an American father. His autobiographical pieces explore lurid and playful melodramas. His photographs are noted for their psychological penetration, and for their often discomforting examination of uncertainty and inexpressible fears. Cobo is a self-taught photographer who draws inspiration from Surrealism, Filmnoir and German Expressionism. Repeated visits to The Museo del Prado in Spain with his taxi-driving grandfather and seeing midnight thrillers with his poor and drug-addicted father as a child changed his life. In 2007 his works were included in “Masters of American Photography” at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art with William Eggleston, Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander. In 2010 Cobo’s works were included in “Hauntology” at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, alongside such artists as Francisco de Goya, Francis Bacon and Diane Arbus. The exhibition was curated by Scott Hewicker and Lawrence Rinder.

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| Nicolas Enriquez @nicoenri12 for @burndiary | | Princesa the dog waited for us to go back out from a natural cave in one of the mountains in Toribio-Colombia.| #photojournalism #Colombia #burndiary #documentaryphotography #NicolasEnriquez


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| Nicolas Enriquez @nicoenri12 for @burndiary || Sebastian checks on the people cutting to see if they’re doing s good job and leaving the buds without leaves since buyers won’t take the marijuana or will pay less for it if it comes with leaves.#NicolasEnriquez #documentaryphotography #burndiary #photojournalism #Colombia

Old San Juan

12311084_10156257263700022_6486540957895905124_n Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’ll spend the next few days simply doing texture shots in this historic zone. It’s a tourist area to be sure, yet a beautiful home for many. Many of the bars here stay open til 7am. Just in time for the early morning light.#fujifilm #puertorico #sanjuan #beachgames


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| Nicolas Enriquez @nicoenri12 for @burndiary || cutting the leaves out of marijuana buds in Toribio-Cauca|#Colombia #burndiary #documentaryphotography #NicolasEnriquez #video #slomo

Heading home

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| Nicolas Enriquez @nicoenri12 for @burndiary | | Robeiro returns home after working while his Mom cooks lunch for him. |#NicolasEnriquez #documentaryphotography #burndiary #Colombia #photojournalism


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| Nicolas Enriquez @nicoenri12 for @burndiary || experiencing traffic in the mountains of Toribio-Colombia. A packed Chiva meets in a curve with a truck that was carrying crops and people taking them to the town a couple miles down the mountain.#photojournalism #Colombia #burndiary #documentaryphotography #NicolasEnriquez

The Pelican Whisperer

12278953_10156253572975022_5782433278089221536_n Crash Boat beach, Puerto Rico. Harry “The Pelican Whisperer” also can call in some frigates with the wave of his hand. This one “Trigger” comes in from a mile away for a hand held sardine. These are rescue birds Harry has befriended for 9 years. The birds come in at 3:30 pm every day and leave at 5:30. Clockwork. The rest of the time they are wild and free and fishing. #puertorico #frigates #fujifilm


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| Nicolas Enriquez @nicoenri12 for @burndiary || Workers gather to chat and drink Chicha while they cut marijuana.Chicha or Guarapo is an alcoholic beverage made out of fermented sugar cane, it’s a tradition to drink it and is shared between adults and kids.#NicolasEnriquez #documentaryphotography #photojournalism #Colombia #burndiary