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Night walk

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An ultra-orthodox Jewish man walks by a building site with posters showing what will be: ‘To live at the peak, to be as close as can be’. Sounds so good, who would not want just that? Humans will keep doing their best to destroy this city. day #8 @dakiloulou for @burndiary #build #poster #jewish #ultraorthodox #jerusalem #burndiary

Break from potato peeling

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A. takes another break from the potato peeling, needs both hands to tell a younger brother what happened in the community since he last visited. day #8 @dakiloulou for @burndiary #potato #kugel #family #jewish #jerusalem #burndiary

Brothers in stripes

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Brothers dressed in identical stripes catch the last rays of sun as they come out of the synagogue and hurry off somewhere, in this part of town everybody is always in a rush for no apparent reason. day #8 @dakiloulou for @burndiary #stripe #rush #jewish #jerusalem #burndiary

Good light

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Step outside to finish off a little mission just in time for the eastern sun to start showing some mercy, good light is down to a couple of hours daily this time of year. day #8 @dakiloulou for @burndiary #mission #suncat #light #jerusalem #burndiary

Nicolas Enriquez – The Bloodline

Nicolas Enriquez

The Bloodline


The Bloodline is a chapter designated by the gang of the Latin Kings to the State of New York. The Latin Kings is one of the largest and most organized gangs in America with more than 35,000 active members.

This Photo Essay focuses on documenting not only the extreme life conditions for the majority of gang members but also the relation between gang members and society. It explores the intimacy and naivety of teenagers who have been pushed by their economic status, racial or social issues to survive in a hostile environment in one of the most developed cities in the world. It also draws attention to the happiness, unity and respect they show each other and the importance of the family and religion in their lives.

As a Colombian, I am aware of the political and social situations of my country, and am familiar with the culture and their way of life. I am drawn to people who have to live in extreme conditions, and the risks they take to be capable of maintaining their economic status. The stressors behind why they create or get involved in gangs and what their purpose is. In my work I endeavor to show my point of view of social and cultural issues, often referencing South and Latin American urban conflicts such as drug dealing, narco-traffic, gangs and corruption.

I feel inspired by the efforts of these teenagers seeking for a community that understands them and supports them, and how they find the answer to this questions in Gangs, a community that forces them to juggle between being a teenager and surviving in the concrete jungle.




Nicolas Enriquez was born in the city of Cali, Colombia in 1993, he graduated from the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography program at The International center of Photography in 2014.
His most influential work The Bloodline documenting the Latin Kings gang has helped him to develop an interest in Urban conflict, political and human rights issues.
He currently works as a freelance photographer for the New York Daily News and his work has been published in different media outlets such as The New York Times, American Photography, Getty images, PROOF, NY Daily News.

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Nicolas Enriquez



FujiFilm/EPF Young Talent Award is an additional grant for photographers under 25. Using David Alan Harvey’s words “A heart felt thank you also to FujiFilm for making it possible for the EPF to keep focus on the future generations, the young ones, the ones with a vision already making a mark now… and just might make another jump soon…”







On Leica’s magazine


From a portfolio of Brazil work in the current issue of Leica’s magazine M. #Brazil

Boy and horse

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Boy on horseback by the old city walls, a stone throw away from where I used to live not too long ago. The unwritten list of familiar places never to call home gets longer. Oh Jerusalem, you are one of a kind, I did not miss you. day #7 @dakiloulou for @burndiary #ride #boy #horseback #jerusalem #wall #burndiary


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Afternoon in the bazaar, hunger. day #7 @dakiloulou for @burndiary #bazaar #jerusalem #palestinian #hunger #burndiary

Last sunshine

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A last ray of sun shines on a boy as he prepares an outdoor hooka bar for tonight’s ‘after Iftar’ celebrations. day #7 @dakiloulou for @burndiary #ramadan #iftar #palestinian #jerusalem #burndiary


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Sister dressed in pink, brother dressed in blue. Bathers cool down in a public fountain as the afternoon heat peaks. day #7 @dakiloulou for @burndiary #heat #bathers #jewish #jerusalem #burndiary