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A magic journey

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Nepal is a magical journey. Presenting a myriad of stimulants to fill all the senses from the majestic Himalayas down to the minutest of details in every corner. Many times I found myself lost in the myriad of streets and alleyways in Kathmandu, only to be delighted to receive a beautiful gift in every stop. Just like life perhaps, getting lost is not always bad. This is Jes Aznar @jeszmann for burndiary for the week. #nepal #gift #senses #life

Wet silver


Wet silver #tellitlikeitis #burnbooks #burnmagazine #blackandwhite

Back to life

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The streets are starting to come back to life again, even as the land continue to feel tremors almost everyday. People feel that outside is better than inside the homes or shops. You can never tell when buildings will come crushing down on you. This is Jes Aznar @jeszmann posting from Nepal for the week for burndiary. #tremors #nepal #life

Store in Swayamba

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There’s this store near a Stupa in Swayamba. Inside were small clear plastic bags hanging on the ceiling. Each bag is filled with water, reflecting the golden setting sun. I ask the man inside, what were those for? For flies, he replied. Immediately and strangely, I remember a line from this book: “His mind was crowded with memories; memories of the knowledge that had come to them when they closed in on the struggling pig, knowledge that they had outwitted a living thing, imposed their will upon it, taken away its life like a long satisfying drink.” This is Jes Aznar @jeszmann posting for burndiary for the week while in Nepal. #nepal #diary #burn

At the pier


I think there is almost no hope for sweet Lyla to have a normal life. While some young women aspire to be models, Lyla will never have known anything else. She is seriously over photographed. Bryan @bryanharveyfilms now using Lyla and Michelle @michellemaddensmith for an ad shoot video at the same time we’ve come to the pier for a burger and beer. Of course I exploited Bryan too as a child model and helped pay for his college education by selling stock family pictures. So I guess photographer’s children are simply fair game. At some age I can predict Lyla will hate being photographed. In the meantime she’s never away from the lens.#obx#bryanharveyfilms

Connections between countries

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Travelling to our neighbouring countries in Asia fascinates me more than anywhere else. I cannot help avoid to see the connections between countries. The language, architecture, the arts, and culture and even the food is always an anthropological experience. This is Jes Aznar @jeszmann posting on the diary while in Nepal. #nepal #photography #culture

BurnBooks announces the release of “Tell It Like It Is” by David Alan Harvey


David Alan Harvey

Tell It Like It Is

[ Published by BurnBooks ]


I went a little bit crazy publishing this book. Just like I did the first time. In 1967, Bryan was six months old and I was spending the last $400 of the family money to go buy film. This time around isn’t any different. I am all in on the publication of Tell It Like It Is.

I say this proudly, yet not boastfully.

My pride is based on giving a percentage of profits to the Liggins family and to set up a scholarship for a minority photographer.

We take the self-publishing idea very seriously around here. I spare no expense in the manufacturing of my work. I just want it right. This makes my books a little more expensive, yet if you look closely you will clearly see the value of a well thought out, well designed, well assembled photo book. We do our best to make each of our books a piece of art.

None of this is possible without my colleagues Anton Kusters and Diego Orlando on design and production; Kaya Lee Berne all around producer, darkroom assistant, and make me get shit done woman, Michael Courvoisier for scanning the original negatives, Michelle Madden Smith for creating our new BurnStore, and my son Bryan for making the book video (and Michelle for editing it) and my other son Erin for helping me find the Liggins family and doing video of the reunion. 



Tell It Like It Is is also a 25 print show, big 60”x40” silver gelatin prints at LOOK3, along with Haenyeo: Angels of the Sea (which is also a new book), along with NO FILTER, prints of some of my Brazil work. So I’ve got my hands full.

In short, we’ll be shipping as fast as we can, but cannot promise your package will go out until after June 15. 

But do come see me at LOOK3. It’s the best U.S. photo fest hang. Down home style. 

I put my heart into Tell It Like It Is in 1967, and I’ve put my heart into it now as well.

– david alan harvey




David Alan Harvey and assistant Kaya Lee Berne in his Outer Banks darkroom, printing silver-gelatin prints for the Collector’s Edition.
(Photo by Frank Overton Brown III)



Tell It Like It Is

by David Alan Harvey


Published by BurnBooks May 2015
Layout and Design: Anton Kusters and Diego Orlando
Image Color Correction: Paolo Lecca
Production: Michael Courvoisier, Kaya Lee Berne
Offset Printing by Grafiche Antiga, Treviso, Italy
15″ x 22.5″
Originally shot In 1967 when David Alan Harvey was just 23 and in graduate journalism school in Missouri. Tell It Like It Is was destined to be re-published. It is a photographic slice of another era, and a small piece of one family’s history in the U.S.


Are you Nepali?

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“Are you Nepali?” Asks the woman on the street. I answered politely that I’m not. She said I look like Nepali. I said we are Asians, we are all brothers and sisters that is why we all look the same. She smiled back at me. This is Jes Aznar @jeszmann for burndiary for the week. #nepal #asia #everydayasia


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From afar, I saw men, women, young and old inside the temple grounds in Bakthapur lined up and passing among themselves pieces of bricks and debris. I was stopped by a constable as I went nearer to take a shot so I went the other entry point. I soon as I got in I took some shots, then put aside my camera to pick pieces of brick to help. Brick by brick, Nepal’s recovery begins. Rebuilding is never easy, especially for a disaster of this magnitude. Everyone needs to participate. Jes Aznar @jeszmann here, a photographer based in Manila traveling in Nepal. #recovery #rebuild #bricks #help #nepalquake


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Early morning in Chetrapati, I passed by this woman praying in front of her house. The house was one of the old houses in the district but still intact after the quake. #nepal #prayer #nepalquake #faith