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There, there (messaging Le Petit Prince). Katrin Koenning @k_koenning posting bits of life from Melbourne, Australia.


 Hanoi, Vietnam. I run with young boys into the New Years giant fire cracker bomb explosion which knocked us all flat. In celebration. This part of Hanoi was heavily bombed by the U.S. just before an American withdrawal in 1975. I went to Hanoi in 1976 for NatGeo. At that time there were no diplomatic relations with Vietnam, so I was pretty much on my own with writer Peter White. We were watched carefully but treated courteously. After all the war was over and they the victors. 40 years ago today an end. After more than 500,000 dead. Now Hanoi a major international tourist zone and Vietnam a friendly trade partner with their former enemies. ‪#‎Vietnam‬

The tallest building in Melbourne

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The tallest building in Melbourne, disguised. Good night! Katrin Koenning @k_koenning for Burn Diary from Melbourne, Australia.

Waiting for Godot

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Waiting for Godot. @k_koenning for Burndiary from Melbourne, Australia.


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Hello from a glistening, shiny and bright Melbourne winter morning! Katrin Koenning @k_koenning for Burndiary from Victoria, Australia

Life As Art





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I’m an insomniac, so I’ll probably be ‘seeing’ you here tonight. However, in an ever hopeful spirit; sweet dreams from Melbourne, Australia. Katrin Koenning @k_koenning for Burn Diary.

Lunch break

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A small scene from my lunch break in between teaching classes at Photography Stdies College Melbourne @pscmelb. Katrin Koenning @k_koenning posting for Burn Diary from Melbourne, Australia.

Reaching for imaginary fruit…

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Shadow woman reaching for imaginary fruit. #halfwomanhalfsomething This is Katrin Koenning @k_koenning posting for you on a cold and sunny winter morning from Melbourne, Australia.



Bryan Harvey at my house in the afternoon light. I shoot anyone who stops by in that light. Bryan lives two houses down. With my faves Michelle and Lyla. Bryan is my number one advisor. He cuts me no slack. For my own good. Bry is an artist who makes films and designed my book ( based on a true story) to many accolades for design. Soon to be an iBook app. Bryan mostly wishes the surf was up today. He lives for those waves. @bryanharveyfilms