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Man standing

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A man standing in the rain in the Parc George Brassens

Yoga trance


I am not a tech person at all, yet I do take pride in my ability to hand hold slow shutter speeds. Yoga trance. This image from Bahia on ISO 50 film must hv had me wide open 1.4 at a quarter of a second. I love slow film in low light. No other look quite like it. Upcoming piece in Leica M features my Brazil work. Nice n easy #Bahia #Brazil #leica


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Anna and Maëva. Hugging at Rue de la Roquette

Salvador, Bahia

Salvador, Bahia. One of the images featured in the upcoming Leica M magazine. Velvia ISO 50 film using a beer bottle as a tripod. Leica M-6. Finest workhorse camera ever. An exhibit of my Brazil work also coming up at Festival of the Photograph June 10-13. Show up, buy me a beer, and I will give you the tripod in a pinch demo.
#Bahia #Brazil #leica #beachgames #magnumphotos


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Everytime I am in Paris, I like to go and visit my friend, Clairside. I met her last year in the Cemetery of Père Lachaise playing with her kids. Today her daughter had received a vaccine and she was proudly showing me her plaster. @michella_bredahl

Carnaval in Bahia

Carnaval. Bahia, Brazil. One of 15 of my Brazil images being featured in the upcoming issue of Leica’s M magazine. This one shot on Fuji Velvia film with a Leica M-6 and a tiny tweak of strobe. Other work featured shot with the M-9 and photographs shot very recently for my BeachGames zine with the Monochrom. A very handsome layout to be sure. Previous featured photographers include Burn’s own Anton Kusters with “Yakuza”; Alex Webb with his Rochester series; Jan Grarup and war in Africa; Bruce Gilden with NYC portraits; and Trent Parke with his “Dreamtime” essay in Australia.
#Brazil #Bahia #carnaval #leica #magnumphotos #burnmagazine


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This is my first post for @burndiary My name is @michella_bredahl and I am from Copenhagen. I will be posting this week for you. I have just arrived by myself to Paris, where I will spend the next three months. I don’t know what this week will bring me. I am happy to take you on this journey. Bonne soirée a tous!

In the early morning light


Bruno photographs Rafaella in black & white. Dasha texts Bruno in the early morning light. Stay tuned for my upcoming BeachGames. The zine. Now in production. A true story from Rio. #BurnBooks #rio #beachgames #burnmagazine

Late Night


Late Night. BeachGames zine coming soon. True stories with witnesses. #beachgames #rio #burnmagazine #BurnBooks



I rarely, if ever, take sunrise or sunset pictures. My good neighbor in the Outer Banks @obxhomepage Frank owns that territory here. Yet after being sick in bed for two days, I climbed the sand dune in front of my house this morning, saw this, and could not resist, That line of cottages are the last of the original Nags Head summer cottages, most around 60-90 years old. Probably about 40 of them left. When the first mainlanders built here the beachfront property was free. Homestead law. The outer banks were considered uninhabitable at the time. That property isn’t free anymore, and about 35,000 year around residents call this fragile strip of sand home. This is one of the reasons why. #outerbanks