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Verona, Italy. Maya stopped by my table tonight. Begging. Loves Italian bread. 4 years old, Maya is part retriever part shepherd. She can have my bread anytime. Sweet Maya.


Delta flight 4321 seat 9A. Somewhere between Outer Banks NC and New York. On my way to Verona (Romeo and Juliet) for a TEDx talk ( super nervous) and the printing of my next book Tell It Like It Is. Italy always beckons. Lifetime friends the main thing. I hope those lifetime friends don’t forget to pick me up!!

Delta flight 4321 seat 9A




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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #cooperunion #mirrors #windows #nyc #winter #street

33rd Street

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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #lastnight #33rdstreet #nyc #winter #street

Upside Down

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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #hangingon #Qtrain #performance #upsidedown #winter #subway #brooklyn


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iPhone image by Joseph Michael Lopez @josephmlopez #lastnight #14thstreet #gettingclose #couple #nyc #winter #street #amateurs #lovers

Abandoned house


What’s more fun than photographing an old abandoned house in a snowstorm? Hmmm wasn’t I just in Rio a few days ago? Anyway,we rarely get snow in the Outer Banks and most houses are inhabited at the beach , so none of this is the norm. This house most likely dates back to 1880 according to owner Chaz Winkler and Dorothy Hope who run the Outer Banks Beachcomber Museum which is open to the public one day per year. I gotta love this place :) Anyway they hope to restore this house when they can raise the funds to do so. Chaz claims the place has sturdy guts to it. “They built em strong back then” he says. Like many of the old houses here, Chaz thinks this one is in its third location. These barrier islands move constantly, so only castles of sand are built here. Those of us crazy enough to live here know it’s a movable feast. We’er here for the weather. For better and for worse. #obx #outerbanks #nagshead #leica #monochrom

David Alan Harvey Rio 2015 Workshop, Student Slideshow


This is the work of my 11 students this month in Rio de Janeiro. You are seeing 11 different stories or essays all shot in 4-5 days of real time. Each student comes up with their own idea or theme. These themes can be journalistic or abstract and subjective. The whole point is to get photographers started into seeing photographs woven together as essays. All of them are beginnings of thinking. Something that can be taken further later on.

Some are exercises in thinking and some are projects ready to be taken further. My job is to inspire, to coach, and to help mostly to have those I mentor to start thinking in a non linear way.

In this particular workshop we had a very unusual situation where I was also shooting my own essay, BeachGames. This added an additional spark as we were all putting pictures up on the classroom wall each day. Needless to say, we bonded in a very special way. We had some great times together all around..A time never to be forgotten.

We put this show together for a live audience in Rio in just a few hours from the time the last picture was taken. Enjoy.




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iPhone image by @josephmlopez #4thavenue #14thstreet #nyc #winter #pedestrians #stroller #crosswalk #street #child