Year: 2014

Fat White Family

Hello! I’ll be contributing images from my daily life to@burndiary this week. My name is Sacha Lecca (@sachalecca), I live in NYC and work at Rolling Stone magazine where I’m a Deputy Photo Editor. My first post is of one of my favorite bands at the moment. Fat White Family JUST finished a wild set minutes …

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Up from the Sands

  It has been a long time since I have written here. I have been shooting and teaching and teaching and shooting like crazy. Oaxaca, Rio, and now Dubai. Like a madman. Yet all of it my passion , all of it fun, and all of it just what I DO. Yet of course I …

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Kushti Wrestlers

Photo by @elijahsol for #burndiary. Kushti wrestlers wash away red clay accumulated from a long day of training at an Akhara outside of Kolhapur, India. #Kushti is a way of life for the wrestlers – a spiritual sport in the shadow of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god worshipped for strength – who form a brotherhood around their practice, often living …

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Street Scene

Photo by @elijahsol for #burndiary. Street scene in#goa, #india where burning rubbish piles and morning light sometimes conspire together in this way.

Goan Woman

Photo by @elijahsol for #burndiary. A Goan woman selling fruit demonstrates how to eat a banana to two Russian tourists from sub-arctic Murmansk, who seemed unimpressed. #Goa, #India has become a hot spot for Russians seeking a beach holiday in recent years.

“Non-veg” Butcher

Photo by @elijahsol for #burndiary. A decidedly “non-veg” butcher talks turkey with a potential client in the generally seafood dominated city of #Kochi, #kerala,#India.

Deserted Beach

Photo by @elijahsol for #burndiary. A couple (maybe just friends, or cousins, or coworkers; I didn’t ask) stroll an otherwise deserted beach in #Alappuzha, #Kerala,#India.


Devraj stands between pipes which bring water for drinking and irrigation up the hills to the #teaplantations of #Munnar, where he works in the fields. Up here the Indian mega conglomerate Tata company runs the show. They own the plantations, though have begun divesting to focus on retail and marketing of their various tea brands instead of …

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