Monthly Archive for November, 2014

Last post from Rio

The week past too quickly. This is the last posting of my @burndiary assignment. After several months in Rio, my actual hosting city, I would like to encourage you all to have a deeper look into this wonderful city full of history, culture, habits, marvelous people and contrasts; no words can express more than a personal visit.Thank you all for following me over the week. My special thanks to @burndairy , @davidalanharvey , @diegorlando and its team. @peterbauza for @burndiary It was very inspiring for some future proyects. Cheers | See you next time @peterbauza

Nags Head Fishing Pier

I take a lot of my pictures when at home from the Nags Head Fishing Pier. My porch , the pier , that’s about it. The pier is our Sunday family breakfast must, sometime surf break, and quick easy sit under the umbrella or take a quick swim spot. Yet,I never go fishing from this fishing pier.I know winter has come though when the pier restaurant crew takes a 3 month break and we aren’t back here for another Sunday breakfast til spring. The Harvey family wants to thank the NHP restaurant team , Lovey, Paula, Arturo and a bunch of others who serve us on this sunny porch with a sunny attitude. See you next year. #outerbanks #nagshead


Right at the beginning, I mentioned that this assignment about Rio would be without the traditional and known beach photos. During the last shootings in the afternoon I decided to represent Rio´s beach life also with those happy community youngsters on their way to surf. The weather is always good for a late afternoon surf. @peterbauza for @burndiary

Evan Lettrich


Evan Lettrich sprints with his skim board out ahead and his American bull dog Buster lagging behind. This was one of those magic winter days cold but not too cold and sunny no wind. This is also one of those shots almost impossible to see on Instagram format.


“Borderline”@peterbauza for @burndiary

Lyla’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for the Harvey clan was this year pretty much centered around sweet little Lyla Maryanna who will be a year old in January. First TDay first Christmas first Birthday all coming in rapid succession. While she is the most smiling happy baby I ever saw, I can’t help but get mesmerized by her serious and yes intense side. I cannot talk to her, but no need. It’s all in the eyes. This girl will have something to say. I can just tell..

Funk party

Rio´s peripheries hide amazing party opportunities. Late night shootings at Funk party.@peterbauza for @burndiary

Rush in the Rain

“Rush in the rain | Rio”@peterbauza for @burnmagazine

On Patrol

“In the busy and loud night of Rio, the police makes its patrol“. Reviewing my shootings from last night I thought I should post especially this one. Behind photographers you find relevant friends and collaborators. It is the moment to mention and to say thank you toNanda, always taking care while I am shooting. @peterbauza for @burndiary

A passerby

Well I rarely post 3 shots from the same situation. Yet I couldn’t decide. From literally a few minutes under heavy winds and rain. A passerby stops to check out the scene and thus becomes a part of it. It will be interesting to see which of 3 most popular. #outerbanks #nagshead #wind