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Cuzco. BURNdiary @sam_grin. Photo by matteo armellini

On the road again

On the road again. BURNdiary@ sam_grin. Photo by matteoarmellini


Tatiana. BURNdiary photo by matteoarmellini

Merry Christmas from Burn

Perhaps if you are a new reader you do not know that Burn was born on Christmas Day in 2008. All of the Burn team wishes you a happy holiday season . We will have some new cool stuff going on in 2014. For one thing there will be new Burn03 coming up from the best of BurnDiary. So, try to get that job.  In any case, stay tuned. As always we will try to make Burn worth your time.  -dah-

Video production and stunts by Frank Overton Brown III

waiting for a baby



Finally reach. SANTO TOMAS. BURNdiary@matteoarmellini

On the Andes

ANDES. matteoarmellini on BURNdiary

On my way to nowhere

On my way to nowhere. 4200m s.l.m.

Photo by @matteoarmellini


13° 31′ 30″ S, 71° 58′ 20″ W/3399 m/PERÙ

Photo by @matteoarmellini.


CUZCO, @matteoarmellini for burndiary