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Saturday night fever.

Dubai. Lead guitar.

Getting late getting good.


Late afternoon beach soccer. I am starting a whole new project on Beach Games to be shot in various locations. Yup good excuse to be the beach bum that I really am.

Dubai. Pool.


Photographer and lighting expert Bobbi Lane becomes my subject at an instructor pool party as part of our Gulf Photo Plus workshop team. Dubai will be my subject for the the next month. Redheads rock!

By the way, this was also a test for the new Fuji X100S….seems good..files unreal


10 year old Laith just won a violin competition. Proud family surrounds.

Sean Schmidt – An American Matter

Sean Schmidt

An American Matter

These photographs are part of a on-going project titled ‘An American Matter’.

It is a personal project which explores the contemporary American landscape as I encounter it in my life. I am an American born salesman living under the pressures of upward mobility; loans, credit, and, to borrow a phrase, “the terror of knowing what this world is about.”

I am a proud American, and passionate about my life; the intention of this project is to photograph my country as beautiful, troubled, and enigmatic. ‘An American Matter’ is a project to confront a personal tension I feel in our uncertain times; to make the best of situations not fully understood. It considers animate and inanimate objects with equal care, voicing both the bold and soft-spoken landscapes of my life.




My name is Sean Schmidt and I live and work in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.

I am a self-taught photographer passionate about middle America and the working class. I admire responsibility, determination, and discipline. My creative influences include Bob Dylan, David James Duncan, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

My current projects include ‘An American Matter’ and a volunteer project for DuPage County volunteer board titled ‘The Faces of Volunteerism’.


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