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john gladdy – untitled



Untitled by John Gladdy

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John Gladdy

imants krumins – untitled



Untitled  by Imants Krumins


… thought about it………… I should buy a pair of goal posts for the backyard ………….. instead of kicking my soul aimlessly




…………………. lived most of my life in Australia

Exhibited on the Continent, The New World and The Old World ………. No awards prizes etc

Author of some current Visual Arts textbooks

Limited interest in pro·to·col \ˈprō-tə-ˌkȯl, –ˌkōl, –ˌkäl, -kəl\

Imants Krumins

mike and mike

mike and mike

Mike and Mike….yes, there they are…Mike Young on the left and Mike Courvoisier on the right…cold Coronas both and hanging out at my usual…some of the best late afternoon light that always floods my apartment has been shared by the two Mikes and yours truly…discussing life, love, and yes, books…Michael Loyd Young, the guy on the left, is nervous now…Michael Courvoisier, the guy on the right, is never nervous…Young is nervous  because his first big show, Blues, Booze, & BBQ, opens at the Powerhouse Arena  in New York on Thursday night…and Courvoisier is not nervous because he already printed and hung the show..

Mike Young was a student of mine three years ago..He told me at the time, what so many tell me, that he wanted to pursue a personal project and perhaps do a book…i have heard that before…most let it slide….not Mike Young…a Mississippi good old boy, Mike decided he wanted to document the Blues country which was not far from where he grew up…as a youth he slipped in and out of the Mississippi Delta and now he wanted to get his love for the people and the music down on paper….between two hard covers….he did it….busted it….lived it…Mike made sure this all happened by not only being a fine photographer, but by making sure he had an outlet for his books right off  the top…he convinced the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi to be a generous distributor for his book to be…smart move from a smart businessman ….

Mike Courvoisier came to me from Steve McCurry’s studio where he printed for Steve. He now makes collectors’ prints for me, for several Burn photographers, and he printed the Young show which i hope many of you will see on Thursday evening…Courvoisier is cool cool as a cucumber….focuses on computer tech stuff for me, runs my workshops,  and prints with a fervor…while i am throwing my hands up in the air every time i see the color spinning wheel on the computer, Mike stays calm, tells me to stay calm , and simply troubleshoots the problem….Mike does get a little overprotective of me from time to time, and while i have a generally open door policy on my time and my loft, Mike sees the reality….you gotta be nice to Mike to get to me…..a cold Corona helps…

this post is simply here to honor two very good friends….both men are like brothers….and i value my friendships in life as if they are family….if you do not know these two already, please come and meet them on Thursday evening….NYC photo crowd in attendance…Powerhouse Arena, Dumbo, Brooklyn…and if you are nice to Mike C then you can stop by my place for the after party to meet Mike Y and the two Mikes best halves, Maya and Ofelia, patient women both…and oh yes , blues giant  TModel Ford will be playing at the Arena for the show…might even get him over to the loft also….wanna make friends with him? just bring a bottle of Jack Black…….might just take a little nip myself….


juliette mills – day of the dead



El Dia De Los Muertos by Juliette Mills

This image came out of a recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, during the Day of the Dead celebrations, and for me, captures so much of the spirit of the children during this special time. These girls proudly put on their hats for me, when I came across them at a graveside, whilst spending the evening in a village cemetery. Hundreds of families gather by candlelight around the graves of those they have lost, once a year, to remember and celebrate all night long with food, music, costume, laughter, offerings to the dead like their favourite drink or smoke perhaps, and so many flowers… the smell of marigolds and incense will forever bring back the people of Oaxaca to me, living the moment of remembrance to the full and sharing it with me. A passion for the dead it may seem. More a passion for life I think.


Juliette Mills is a British photographer based in Devon, South West of England and has been taking pictures since the age of 12. She graduated from Kings College London with a degree in French & Spanish, where she specialised in South American Culture & Literature.

She has traveled widely and until recently focused on wildlife and travel photography and writing for magazines. She had her first photographic exhibition in London in 2001 – a collection of wildlife portraits and has exhibited since in local galleries in Devon. Having children and photographing her family for the past 5 years has taken her somewhere else with her work, and this, along with a recent experience in Mexico, photographing the Day of the Dead celebrations in Oaxaca, has given her new inspiration and energy to pursue documentary projects.

Juliette Mills

panos skoulidas – athens on fire


victims of police tear gas attack  (below), and  fires started by protesters (above), choke  the citizens  of Athens as riots grip the city



Athens on Fire:  Photographs and text by Panos Skoulidas                                                           Athens, Greece   December 7, 2009



point blank..
His name was ALEXIS…15 year old…
Last year was on fire for a whole month…
A year later…in his memory..
All schools are closed..Thousands of students protesting in the middle of Athens..
The “Kratos”…the state … ( GOVERNMENT )named all those students as “ANARCHISTS”…
i was briefly detained two nights ago… but my American citizenship helped me out..
The police ( ordered by the Greek government )…are out of control…
let me explain:..They stop you in the middle of the street…ask for id or passport..
if you  do not have one you get arrested..
if you  are an are jailed for 3 months at least…
Greek police with no authorization .
interrogates, harasses and jails “illegal” immigrants…
If you are a student , poor…or look “weird”  you are immediately detained and charged as a terrorist..
All that because Greece is close to bankruptcy…
Despair,high rates of unemployment… corrupted politicians…
dirty church leaders…etc..
If you dare to protest….then you go to jail…
you are a terrorist…
Greece is the only European country that still send to jail drug users…
The only country in the western world that fails to understand that drug use is a disease and not a crime..
What a shame for the country that gave birth to Socrates and invented Democracy..


Panos Skoulidas


(editor’s note: the above photo and caption provided by Skoulidas and is considered an editorial..few facts on this are known by Burn at the moment of publication..dah)

Associated Press report:

mimi mollica – terra nostra

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Mimi Mollica

Terra Nostra

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The story I want to tell is about my land, Sicily, the effects of Mafia in our territory, the people that fight against it on the front line and the context in which Mafia has grown and rooted its identity.

The Sicilian reality is a ‘pre modern’ one, rooted within the family system and characterized by an accommodating behavior toward the corrupted system, strongly based on nepotism as opposed to a healthier meritocracy. Commonly diffused is the lack of respect towards the law and its representatives. The resulting scenario is, in fact, one of an orphaned society abandoned to its ill-omened destiny of relentless decadence. Therefore,  the aim of this photographic essay is to capture this backdrop of decay.

Mafia and corruption have destroyed our most beautiful coasts that once were described by artists and writers as a paradise of natural, artistic and archaeological beauty. Cosa Nostra has worn out our economic system by killing market competition through intimidations and a thick network of corruption, and by imposing extortion to 95% of the region’s business, Mafia holds an even stronger economical control of the territory.  The price paid by those who rebelled against this oppression has been reported by blood stained chronicles on newspapers and media.

After many years of pondering on the idea of working on such project I recently felt the urge to photographically deliver my wide perspective on the Mafia phenomenon, in a moment in time where Italy is living its worst political and social crisis since the Fascist era.
This is a long-term project on which I wish to work for several months to come.  Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome.

This Essay has been published on the Financial Times Weekend Magazine on July 18th 2009.



I was born in Sicily, Palermo where I lived until I turned twenty and decided to move away from Italy. I have always been in love with photojournalism since an early age.

Now I am 34 and photojournalism is what I do for living. I take photos because i have an urge to communicate my views about our time and to show people that what I have had the privilege to witness first hand.

The themes that interest me most are related to society undergoing transitions, identity and migrations. I believe I have grown together with photography both professionally and on a personal level. I have traveled a few countries and met all kinds of people, rich and poor alike, criminals and judges, academics and musicians, interesting people and ugly characters. All of them are part of who I am now.

They gave me the eyes to see and the ears to listen their stories and my deepest self, so photography became for me an neverending journey that I am enjoying as much as I enjoy my life. News about my previous essays, publications, exhibitions and other stuff can be found on my website.


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jake mendel – short track

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Jake Mendel

Short Track

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Short Track documents the world of semi-professional dirt track racing: from the downtrodden bombers and high-end stock cars, to the fans, drivers, and mechanics’ lives on and off the track. With roots going back to prohibition-era rumrunners, stock car racing has evolved into a national phenomenon and has become America’s second-most watched televised sport. For racing enthusiasts, hot days spent sweating over busted engines and damaged bodies give way to nights of tearing up the earth in front of a crowd, mud spraying from tires with the pedal jammed down and the adrenaline cranked up.

The “short track” is any oval track less than a half-mile round, and countless semi-pro races are held weekly on dirt short tracks across the country. Drivers in these events, race at breakneck speeds, seeking triumph while courting disaster, and spectators know there is as good a chance of witnessing a crash as getting a first look at NASCAR’s next up-and-comer. Mendel traveled to the Deep South, Arizona, and New Mexico—hotbeds of stock car racing—in order to capture the raw power and gritty determination of life on the short track. As most drivers can’t afford their expensive hobby, many rely on assistance from family and friends, and even from fellow competitors, in order to maintain their cars. But for the die-hards, stock car racing is more than a sport; it is a way of life. Short Track puts readers in the passenger’s seat for an up close ride-along through the world of America’s most dangerous, grease-splattered, high-octane, pastime.

Short Track, the book is available November 2009 from powerHouse Books at the following link:

Short Track – Jake Mendel



Jake Mendel is a photographer living in Santa Fe. He was born and raised in Alabama in 1971. Although he harbored a passion for photography, he put it aside to pursue a career with his father’s company. In 1999 he left the family business to return to photography full-time. Since then, Mendel’s photographs have been included in various solo and group exhibitions throughout New Mexico and Alabama.


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petri uutela – passers by

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Petri Uutela

Passers by

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I don’t know how to analyze or comment something that personal as my street photography. It’s therapy for me to wander in the streets trying to capture moods, events or gestures that I feel somehow connected to. Even if  I’m taking pictures of total strangers, my street photography actually reflects myself – this is an autoportrait series, although it’s not me who is in the pictures.

Photographs in this video are taken in Finland and Slovakia during 2006-2009. Music written and performed by my brother Tuomas Uutela.



I am a freelance photographer and a photography student based in Finland.

I am co-founding member of Finnish photo collective STRAP.


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