River Baptism

River Baptism in Virginia. Members of The United House of Prayer for All People gathered at the mouth of the historic James River. I waded in up to my chest caught up in the moment. A more electric vibe I cannot remember. Yes I’ve published mostly retro pictures for the last couple of weeks simply because I’m forcing myself to dig them up. Normally I have an aversion to looking at my past work, yet I need to at least copy these and get them on the book layout wall even if I turn right around and reject them for the Family Drive book. I just need to see them all up in order to choose. See IG Stories.I’ll be off to Vietnam in about 10 days for a very short shoot and then back to the layout wall. Two weeks of personal development workshops here at home also on the near horizon. See link in profile. I always think I’m going to take the summer off. Ha ha. How quickly the calendar fills. That’s ok. It’s all about pictures and stories and themes which are all about life and people I care for. Not a bad way to be too busy. Amen

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