I’ve always loved photographing fishermen. Wherever I travel, I seek out fishermen. It’s hours and hours and hours on boats with nothing going on and bad light. A waiting game. Then the fog rolls in or a storm comes up and it’s time to shoot. By that time you know every move of every man on the boat and you’ve chosen your main character. There’s always one “star” on every fishing boat I’ve ever been on. Often the captain but not always. Studying character is part of what I teach. So many of my students ask me” how can I shoot people?” . I’ll take one more student in my workshop at home in the outer banks starting June 4. See link in my profile. Portfolio review and FT interview required. Career development my focus. I know how to get photographers focused in the right direction for their individual personality and goals. I love to play the game, yet I know how to coach as well. I do workshops all over the world and rarely do one here. Yet i felt there would be some who would benefit from seeing the editing process in real time for a book. Plus we shoot. My number one book production colleague Diego Orlando will join us from Italy where I print my books. Bill Marr , Creative Dir NatGeo who is doing a preliminary design on at least one of my books might also be around for a bit. My front porch is so far the best place I’ve found on the planet . A good spot to discuss your career. Link in profile here.

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