School Year End Dance


My junior high school year end dance. In the gym of course. This is the last in my series of three IG pictures I shot at school as a young teenager. I’m going over a lot of retro work in preparation for one of my upcoming books. I’m debating whether to publish this as is with the drugstore date stamp or take the negative into my darkroom and make a really nice reprint. This was made before I could afford to buy an enlarger and it’s a bit over exposed. All of the dance pictures I shot were from a distance. I’m sure I was afraid to go closer. I know I didn’t couldn’t wouldn’t dance. I was of course in love with one of those girls, Cheryl Harvey (last name coincidental) , yet unable to actually talk to her. She did look at me twice though. As you can see the girls are dancing with the girls and all the boys stacked in the back trying to figure out what to do. Classic. I mean when you are 14 (almost 15) and wearing braces and dreaming of your drivers license, there really wasn’t much you could do even if you knew how to do it which I didn’t. So I took pictures. Cheryl Harvey from West Junior High School 1958 (Warren,Ohio), are you out there? I just wanted to say hello . #warrenohio

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