Retro. Deep retro. I took this picture when I was sitting in the back of my 7th grade class in Va. Beach. I always sat in the back with other trouble makers. Our teacher, Mr. Gibbs, was grading papers. We were supposed to be working on something as he graded, so I figured I could take a picture. One shot. With my Leica IIIF, 50mm lens, which I bought with my paper route money. $175. Well that one click sounded like a cannon shot to Mr. Gibbs. The girls giggled on top of it, and that was enough for Mr Gibbs to go red faced and shout “Mr. Harvey, did you take a picture?”. Busted clearly ” Yes sir, Mr. Gibbs”. He marched to the back of the class with that look only Mr Gibbs could have. Tight lipped, he took my camera and said ” We are going to the principals office”. Fear gripped me because worse than Mr Gibbs was our school principal Mr. Pendleton who looked like an angry Chris Christie. Mr Gibbs gave my camera to Mr Pendleton. Mr Pendleton threatened to call my parents. I begged forgiveness since a call to parents from the school principal just wasn’t what you wanted to happen. There were no rules against cameras in school that I know of, but then again I was the only kid with a pro camera in the whole town. Ultimately I was sent back to class minus my camera. The girls giggled again. The boys smirked because nothing was better in my 7th grade class than seeing somebody else get in trouble. Later that year I asked Mr. Gibbs if I could bring my camera on our class trip to Richmond. He agreed. Thank you Mr. Gibbs.

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