OBX workshop

There’s obviously not a rainbow over my home every day. Yet there is always a good vibe on my front porch every day. Absolutely guaranteed. I’m at home now working on two book layouts and figured this was a good time to do one of my rare at home workshops. See link in profile here. I haven’t done a workshop here for 4 years. So now is the time. It’s been my experience that when I’m actually in the real time process of working that I am of most value to those I mentor. So if you are prone to do a workshop with me to push your work/career forward, join me at the end of May here in the Outer Banks, NC. I’ll take 6 students max. Portfolio review and Skype call prior required. I’m looking for serious students who would benefit from a combo of shooting, thinking about book production, and general personal advancement into the world of photography today. With a small class operating out of my living room, I can help you think about where you fit in to the oftentimes daunting photo scene. So come on down to the southland and I’ll get you fired up. Push you. Get to the heart of who you are as a photographer with something to say. Just like the rainbow, I cannot make it happen for you. You must do it. Yet I’m pretty good at giving you the keys to the front door and by letting you into my world. Nothing works better than explanation by example. Real life real time real work. Hot coffee in the morn cold beer at night pictures everywhere and southern hospitality all around all the time. Learn lots, live deep. It’s the only way to go. Photo by @loyd ( ex student and on his 4th published book) Please keep your eye on my IG Stories.

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