Havana. 3-5-17. My new Cuban friend, ballerina Yanet Abreu, has traveled the world as part of a ballet troupe. Talented Cuban artists, athletes, and scientists have always been given special travel privilege. Here in Havana now Yanet has worked as my photo assistant since I met her at the renowned National School of Ballet. Why would a ballet dancer be a photo assistant? Because this sparkling intelligent woman has a special personality with people. I never need an assistant who can aid with equipment. I only need someone who is good at helping make friends with those I may want to photograph. Sure I can do it alone, yet it’s always easier and more fun if I have a local collaborator. Yanet and her father graciously made dinner for me in their home last night. What a special treat for me. The big warm. For me photography is not just getting a picture. The friends I make which give me an insight to the culture is the best treasure of all and my real world education. I must leave Cuba soon. Happy/sad goodbyes. Thanks Yanet for being a good friend. I do hope we meet again.

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