Sunset on the porch


Family. My number one favorite photo subject since I was 12. Immediate family the priority as here, yet when I travel I tend to create new “families” or take my immediate family with me. My cinematographer son Bryan here shoots Michelle and Lyla and he started going on assignments with me worldwide when he was about 8. This whole crew will be on the photo workshop scene upcoming in March in Puerto Rico. See link in my IG profile. Michelle runs my workshop program and Bryan has produced two docs on me for NatGeo TV as well as projects like Oprah’s BELIEF series. Happy Birthday Bryan! @bryanharveyfilms . Join my photo workshop in Puerto Rico if intense mentoring is for you. I’ll also be shooting on my BeachGames book as I critique 12 students working on individual photo essays. Portfolio review required and FT call interview. I always select an international eclectic group. I have a hard time leaving this porch to travel, yet it’s easier if I take everybody with me! It’s a family affair. See link in profile.

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