On the Beach

During the recent electronic music fest in Playa del Carmen, México revelers would dance all night and into the morning. As many of you know, I lived in a small condo with 5 young Mexicans who were spending a couple of weeks here in celebration of their graduation from Activa photo school where we’d all met and become friends. They were my primary focus for continued shooting on my BeachGames zine to be published this fall by BurnBooks. I too am hypnotized by the electronic beats and the “spring break” atmosphere. All perfect for shooting the game. The game everyone plays, yet symbolized on the beach as a stage. I’m missing my Mexican amigos. We bonded. Again, family. Bonding is about intensity not about the amount of time spent together. One of the things I love most about my life in photography is the ability to immerse myself into situations I just wouldn’t be in at all if I were not a photographer. I don’t feel comfortable photographing people I don’t know. Eye contact is the real first handshake. The beat, it’s all about the beat.

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