JOIN ME IN CUBA. LAST MINUTE CRAZY IDEA .Late afternoon light brightens Cuban teenagers who are offering me a ride. I was on foot and looking lost I guess. Or they just wanted to talk to a gringo with a camera. No matter. Warm light is appropriate for the Cuban attitude and personality. I haven’t been to Cuba for 10 years but I’m headed there Saturday. Keep your eye on IG Stories. I’ll be shooting heavy and at the same time have a full class of 14 through the Santa Fe Workshops program. That’s a week. I feel compelled to stay longer as you may imagine. So I’ve decided to do what I recently did in Playa del Carmen, México. Open up the idea of a one to one workshop. It worked so well with Alexandra @al.nielsen on that shoot for BeachGames that I thought I’d try it again. Un matched mentoring experience for an advanced photographer. FaceTime or Skype interview required. Portfolio review required. I’ll be shooting heavy and mentoring by both example and critique. It’s rare when I can have somebody with me in intimate people situations. Yet I can here. This is coming down fast. I have a window open from March 1-7. If you are serious, want to explore Havana, and feel mentoring by me would advance your photographic life, then write DM to @michellemaddensmith for tuition/application etc. Please don’t write to me directly. Michelle produces/organizes. This photo appears in my book CUBA (published by NatGeo) . My main goal with those I mentor, is to get them to a published book or commissions or exhibitions or all 3. Not everybody can do this. Yet my track record for advancing photographers in a real way makes me so proud of those who have realized a dream or two. It’s bust ass work and it’s the most fun you will ever have. I bond with those I mentor and stick with them way beyond the week they spend with me. Photography is my passion, my life. Not my job. I’ve never had a “job”. Don’t want one. Join me if you are ready to walk the walk. Viva Cuba!

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