Tres amigos

I photographed these three amigas a couple of weeks ago in Mexico City at their rooftop hang spot and will now meet them again in Playa del Carmen. They will be the stars of my BeachGames book shoot. Good friends all. No plan other than to let everybody do their thing. I’ve got a one on one student for my first week of shooting and considering a 2-3 student workshop for the following week. Not a normal workshop. Simply a time for intense shooting on my part and mentoring by example and continuos critique. I can’t always have somebody with me when I’m working but I can in this beach game mode. Anything can happen. Serendipity the key. I will be building a book and can help others to do so. Contact: if you have the temperament for an educational hang in the atmosphere of a for real shoot. This whole thing was only “planned” a week ago. What I love about this work is that I have no idea what my next two weeks will be like except that they will be out of control. These ladies will show the way. I just do click click..

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