OBX landscape


Outer Banks NC. Nov 12, 2016. Down here in the outer banks we’ve got strip malls, some bad architectural choices, and too much tourist traffic in summer. BUT within 5 minutes of anywhere you can be in the “middle of nowhere”. Either by boat by car or on foot. I’m sitting on the tarmac at LaGuardia as I write this caption , yet am headed for this beach solace. Wind and water shape this super thin strip of sand where a few of us have decided to live. Geologically precarious by nature’s design. The place literally changes daily. Any map of this island is literally out of date within 24 hours. We move. We gain sand in one place we lose sand in another. No such thing as stabilized. Geologically New York is also a barrier island just like the outer banks. Only difference is that on our island we are zoned for max building height of 35 feet. I love both NYC and OBX. At this moment though I’m dreaming the solitude.

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