Tell It Like It Is


A spread from “Tell It Like It Is ” my first book shot in 1967 of one Norfolk, Va. family during the height of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement. King was killed just 4 months after this book was published. The “contribution $2.” sale of the book was intended to go to disadvantaged families in this segregated neighborhood. A new release of this book along with the 38 contact sheets will be released this fall by BurnBooks as historical document. After shooting this work in August of 1967 I went off to grad school and lost contact with the family. I am trying to find them now. A super highway subsequently built through this neighborhood dispersed many families. Yet this was a totally intact family with 7 children, so I am hoping some of them are still somewhere nearby. We are making a film of the search. Charles Hofheimer, producer of the original book, and the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot local paper. are aiding me in this search. My intention with the new reprinted book will be the same as the first. Proceeds of sales will go to a charity to aid the disadvantaged in Norfolk.

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