1966 Norfolk, Virginia


1966 Norfolk, Virginia. Hot summer. I lived with this family and published a small book Tell It Like It Is. Book sale price at the time $2. Money was to go for aid to poor. The reprinting this fall will also include the 38 contact sheets to make it valuable as a work book for young photographers . I was 22 when I made this work.

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  • Beautiful image, so many layers all telling different stories. Am I wrong in seeing a huge Eugene Smith influence in the printing – those blacks remind me so much of Spanish Village. Anyway I can’t wait to see this book. Been hearing about it since RoadTrips and let’s see if it sets an example with other Magnum photographers like Bruce Davidson and Koudelka. Both gangs of New York and Exiles have been too long out of print. Yeah and I know Gangs of NY was included in the outside inside collection…

  • Peter David Grant

    Great to see your style even from back then. Am really looking forward to buying a copy of the re-print. Great idea about including the contact sheets!

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