Filson Bag Design

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It’s a cold, windy, rainy day in the outer banks and totally a perfect time to test my new field bag design for Filson, outdoor/adventure clothier. The blowing sands of obx will for me tomorrow turn into the hot sands of Dubai. Stay tuned. Photo by Frank O. Brown III@obxhomepage

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  • Now, THAT is what I call ‘photographer chic’ and the whole fetching ensemble is set off by that magnificent wool scarf which has finally found its appropriate setting. Who says Harvey doesn’t know how to dress well? The pose is also terrific… does Frank O. Brown shoot for the rag trade, by any chance? This one goes on my wall… maybe even framed.


  • Yes this is very nice portrait ov DAH.

  • Hi David,
    you’re so hot you’re even glowing!
    I’ve read Burn now for some years, but I never commented.
    First let me say that I’m really grateful for being able to see all the great work presented on this site. Thank you so much.
    Second, I’d really like to take a class or workshop with you, but that’s a lot of money for me, and I don’t have it at the moment.
    Third, one of my dreams/goals is to have an essay of my photographs posted on Burn. Maybe sometimes…
    All the best from Germany

  • That is a honey of a good-looking bag!!!

    It has the same external form as my Domke J2…but in a more pleasant colour. (I hate black camera bags!) I’m no “Doctor of Bagology”, but if the inside lay-out is as efficient, roomy and practical as the J2, this bag will be a huge winner.

  • gadzooks, would you look at himself then, doing the photohero thing! Just as an aside here, is Burn accepting submissions again or is this something you guys closed down and never got around to changing the sign on the door? Inquiring minds want to know…

    Michael Lloyd Young’s NEW BOOK , gallery opening today ..
    More details and behind the scenes tonight , or check my FB and Instagram feed panosskoulidasPart1

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