Changes In Latitude


Changes in latitude. It was 5 above zero and a 25mph wind when I left New York last night and 90 degrees and a light breeze when I landed this morning in Rio. I will be shooting on my Beach Games project for the next month.

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  • That looks awfully good, David.
    It did warm up here, but it’s rainy and we’re on a tornado watch.
    Gotta love it!

  • Moment, light, layers, it’s all here David! Getting’ some sun for the rest of us up here above sea level! Stay safe, be Good. Cheers, Jeremy

  • @ DAH:
    Could you tell us if drinking caipirinha is also a beach game?? The sport would be named “raising your elbow from the table”…

    Enjoy Rio and the twin company ;D

  • a civilian-mass audience


    oime,I have to change Latitude ASAP…

    RENATA,ROBERTA,BURNIANS in Rio… you are ALL shining !!!

    Have a beautiful day ALL…MR.HARVEY,thanks for the reporting…hihiii


    drinking a caipirinha could be considered at least part of a “game”….depends….everything depends…all depends on circumstance, context, intent, and serendipity most of all….the keyword “game” would never be attached to a picture of somebody drinking a caipirinha, yet somebody drinking a caipirinha could easily be in a “game playing” picture….the way languages actually unfold poetically for example is way different than learning sentence structure….

    come to Rio…have a caipirinha with me…then you will see what i mean!! ha ha

    cheers, david

  • It’s a hard-knock life. ;-)

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