A New Girl!


Harvey clan gets a new girl. Michelle and Bryan introduced to their new (unnamed) baby an hour ago. Babies come everyday all the time , yet not THIS baby. Her grandfather might just make her his star model

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  • Congratulations to the whole family!!. I´m sure we´ll see more pictures of her ;-) and that you will be a great grandfather!

  • Congratulation Harveys !!!! Best of the best to all

  • Congratulations, Mr Harvey, and please extend my best wishes to Bryan and Michelle-mostly Michelle, given that she did all of the work-and to Miss Whosis Harvey, who will respond to my best wishes by spitting up on someone. Well, better them than me.

  • Congratulations and Best Wishes!

  • Congratulations again!!! To parents and grampa> I expect this baby to bring out a whole new dimension in the photography of one David Alan Harvey…

  • Congratulations!
    I was inspired by your photo of pregnant Michelle–now I have inspiration for photographing my grand baby–due December 30 but has not arrived yet.
    Love the footprints in the foreground–hope that I can “borrow” your idea and try something along this line very soon.
    So many adventures lie ahead. Best wishes to all.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    best wishes from your Greek family!

    FROSTY, yeahhh,I can officially sing now!!!

    Happy Birthday BABY,
    Happy Birthday bright Star,
    have a healthy,happy life…
    full of love and laughter~~~oh,oh,
    may you have friends and family
    in your journey of life
    may you travel far,
    may one day come to Greece…
    oh,oh,we will have such fun

    Happy birthday baby BURNIAN,
    happy birthday to you…
    we believe in You,oh,oh…

    your civi

  • Congratulations to all the Harvey family!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and congratulations to JARED family and to ALL our BURNIANS with babies and ROSEMARY …we wish you happy
    Grand days ahead…!!!

    I am the happiest civilian in the world !!!

  • Congratulations to all!! Glad everyone is doing fine…and I bet you are just beaming, David.

    Good light, indeed!

    andrew b.

  • “Star model” is right; she already understands your need for the bent elbow and knee!

    And those footprints show strong tools for moving forward in a wondrous life-journey.

    Congratulations, Clan Harvey!

  • Congrats!! She is waiting for the photographer with wide open arms…
    David “abuelo” Harvey. :-D

    Happy new year as well.


  • Big congrats to the Harveys!

  • DAVID, Bryan, Michelle – Congrats!

    “Off for a family drive” just opened a NEW chapter, new subject, new era…the story goes on!

    Hope to pay a visit in OBX someday, see the surf, smell the salt, live the life – if even for just a few days…

    Warm regards to all, Jeremy

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